James Carville on winning an election anywhere in the world…

Well, today is the big day we have all been waiting for, ok not all of us, but certainly for 5 leaders who want to become the next Prime Minister of Canada and the 3,000+ candidates who are hoping for a fancy new job in Ottawa. I am a proud Canadian, no matter what the outcome tonight we will still all live in a great country. Take a few minutes to listen podcast with Globe & Mail columnist Roy MacGregor as he shares, what  he appreciates about this country. 

I find elections fascinating, I watched an interesting documentary on the campaign for the 2002 Bolivian election called Our Brand is Crisis. The politicians hired GCS consultants to help them with their messaging, polling, and strategy. The “C” in GCS stands for James Carville. Does that name sound familiar? It may very well, as he was the architect of the Clinton win in 1992.

Since that time, James has worked on elections around the world with campaigns in wide ranging countries such as Ireland and Russia. His team has developed a methodology that can be applied to any election in any country around the world. The principles are universal, even though the issues are local. To get the win for Goni (the candidate whom they were working for) the Carville team had to determine what the big issues were for the population of Bolivia. They then continually tweaked their campaign message to best expose the weaknesses of their opponents, and position Goni as the people’s best choice for leading Bolivia.

Carville’s team employed tools consisting of polls, focus groups, and advertisements. They used a scientific process to gather data, and then brought in James (the big gun)! To interpret the data, shape the strategy, message and guide their candidate to winning the election. Their message was “The Brand of Crisis: our experience is what you need” 

By the end of tonight we shall know which candidates had the best campaign & who will be looking for a new job. Looking to win your own job-search campaign? Follow the above winning formula, it works in Bolivia, Israel and yes Canada. Democracy is not a perfect system, but it is the best system we have in the world. Remember, democracy only works when we are all involved. Take some time to vote today – choose wisely.


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