Is Your Resume Working?

You have probably never heard of Chip Kidd, yet he’s
one of the most influential non-authors in the book

For the past 20 years Chip has been on the design
team at Alfred A Knopf publishers. He is the Michael
Jordon of the book design business, and has designed
such books as Jurassic Park. He has created
100’s of covers and has recently released his own book
with samples of some of the designs; “Chip Kidd: Book

The secret to his success is this; you CAN tell the book
by its cover. His design philosophy is radical and
unconventional. He has a unique ability to combine
font and images that work together to get your
attention. Have you ever walked into a book store and
been overwhelmed by all the choices? Chip Kidd makes
sure that his books stand out from the crowd.

The writers do what they do, Chip does what he does,
and the publishers make all the money (well, not all).
Chip’s role is to help package and tell a story in 30
seconds or less that will compel you to choose the
book he has designed. All of his book covers are
unique and he tries his best to represent what the
author is saying and to whom he wishes to say it. For
good and for bad, a lot of buying decisions are made as
a result of the cover.

Not unlike a book cover, a resume also has to package
and tell a story in a short period of time. Did you know
that you have less than 2 minutes to grab a hiring
manager’s attention? This is the reality of the job
search – a great resume gets attention. No matter
how talented the person may or may not be, hiring
managers make decisions first by the paper they

When creating resumes, just like in the book business,
it’s important to remember that writers don’t make good
designers. Most people can’t write great resumes for
themselves. That is where we can help. Our certified
resume coaches have the ability, just like Chip, to make
your story interesting, captivating, and ultimately, the
one that will help your resume be chosen above all the

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