Is your resume working? Does it pass the 2 minute test? | The Monday Morning Motivator

Have you ever walked into a book store and been overwhelmed by all the choices? Chip Kidd makes sure that his books stand out from the crowd.

You may have never heard of Chip; he is one of the most influential non-authors in the book business. You can watch Chip talk about his work on TED  here . He is the “Michael Jordan” of the book design business, and has designed the cover for books such as Jurassic Park. Chip’s role is to help package and tell a story about the book in 5 seconds or less, that will influence you to choose the book over all the other options on the shelf. For good and for bad, most buying decisions are made as a result of the cover.

Not unlike a book cover, a résumé also has to package and tells a story in a short period of time. In a recent study, 100 Executives from Canada’s largest companies revealed that they spend less than two minutes screening an applicant’s résumé. That’s not much time to make yours stand out from the competition. This is the reality of the job search – a great résumé gets attention. No matter how talented the person may or may not be, hiring managers make decisions first by the paper they see.

When creating résumés, just like in the book business, it’s important to remember that writers don’t make good designers. Most people can’t write great résumés for themselves. That is where we can help. Our certified résumé coaches have the ability, just like Chip, to make your story interesting, captivating, and ultimately, the one that will help yourrésumé be chosen above all the noise.


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