Is your career Grrreat? Where are the new opportunities?


Where are all the new opportunities? With the amount of negative news it would seem like there is very few areas of the economy with needs. Ironically, there has never been more opportunities. In the world around you, professionals and organizations are always looking for the next iPod, Google or Twitter, The answers are often simpler & usually, closer than you think. They might even be found at your breakfast table. 


Chris Leamon had come home from working all night in the lab. Sitting with his wife in his student apartment, he entered his morning routine. He grabbed a bowl, some milk and his trusted Frosty Flakes. At this time he was working on his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue University. His mother had died of cancer and, this had led him on a career journey to find chemotherapeutic drugs with less side effects. As usual, he was scanning the box and looking at ingredients. For some reason that morning he had a “aha” moment. Folic acid. For some reason that hit him in a unique way.


Chris said, “I knew it was it” this was the key to mark cancer cells in a specific way, enabling a specific type of drugs to fight tumors. It just goes to show that you never know where eureka moments will occur. I believe that Chris’s hard work in the lab enabled this possibility, however, his openness and curiosity in other areas of his life led to the answers he was searching for. Keep your eyes and ears open and as Chris shared, “I have had many eureka moments in the lab, but none as great. That breakfast redefined my career and my life”


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