Is Your Career Going Downhill?

You may not have heard of him, however, you may have heard of the athlete that he coached to the first ever Olympic gold medal for snowboarding. The athlete was Ross Rebagliati and the coach was Tim Griffin

This past weekend, Tim graduated from medical school and was president of his graduating class. Tim grew up with a passion for skiing and the outdoors, and always wanted to be a professional coach. The door opened for him to help coach the national snowboarding team from 1995-1998. He was inspiring young men and women to follow their dreams and passions and in return he was challenged personally.

It caused him to asked himself what he was truly passionate about and what could he do with all of his heart and energy? In a recent interview, Tim said “watching someone do what they can do better than anyone else in the world is very very inspiring”

When Tim met his now wife, she was a physician. He noticed her working very very hard but she always came home with a look on her face that said she had made a difference that day.

I was really struck with this story. How others seeking out their best can inspire and encourage each one of us to pursue what we are truly best at. It is also interesting to see how Tim can use the same set of talents in a new arena and I would suggest he will also have “Gold Medal” results.

He is really looking forward to family medicine and his ability to get to know his patients and to make a difference in their lives. As Tim says, “Find out what you’re really good at and go and do it with all your heart and with all your energy”

Tim is heading up a new mountain.

Along the road with you…