Is the Job market for you or against you?

Well, the answer is yes – let me explain. When I was a kid, my Dad decided to take up Judo. He thought it would be great for self defence as well as keeping in shape. What I remember was our blue Chevy Nova, the Bee Gees in the 8 track and the starchy feeling of the white suit against my body. I also remember the windows fogging up at the school and lots of words that sounded foreign to my ear as they were shouted. This was my introduction to the world of martial arts. I think that I graduated from yellow to orange belt, a true white Bruce Lee in the making. Somewhere after getting my orange belt I lost focus. Going to Judo did two things in my life and yes, I will connect the dots soon. One, I really bonded with my Dad and two, I learned about utilizing the power of an opponent’s force for my advantage. This was no Mike "bite the ear off your opponent". It was using their strength and power to your advantage.

You often will hear, "It is an employer’s market" or "it is a candidate’s market". My experience is that there can be trends, however, like Judo, you can use the market to your advantage or you can let the market determine what is best for you. You choose.

This weeks podcast www.careerjoy.com/podcast ?is with Michael Urlocker. He is the founder of Ondisruption. He has a very interesting career story from graduating as an Engineer to writing for the Ottawa Citizen and the Financial Post, then off to be a technology analyst in the investment banking industry. Currently he works with organizations around the globe helping them to position their products and services to identify gaps and thrive in "The Market". In our conversation he shares how he deals with changes in the market both for his client’s benefit and for his own career – he practices what he preaches. Change is constant and change has no bias. Yes, no bias against you! You need to pay attention and use that very change to leap forward in your personal situation. There are very few victims in the job market and lots of professionals participating in the resistance to change. Think Eatons vs Winners; Think Apple vs Sony; Think YouTube vs ABC; Think Google vs Yellow Pages; Think Toyota vs Ford. We could chat for a very long time about the changes. You may say, "Show me the money". There is still an $11 Trillion economy in North America growing at the rate of 2-3% per year which equals more opportunity, it is just shifting to those who use the Judo principle.

Are you struggling with the change in your professional situation? Book an initial session and I can teach you a few moves and how to use that change to your advantage.

Next weeks podcast www.careerjoy.com/podcast ?entitled "Building a winning career", is with Bruce Firestone, founder of The Ottawa Senators.

Along the road with you,

Alan Kearns