Introducing the iQuit App by CareerJoy

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At CareerJoy, we pride ourselves on the client experience. Our coaching programs are fully customized and we offer a wide range of services as Canada’s Career and Leadership Coaching firm. One of our biggest assets is adaptability: we assist our clients in navigating an ever-changing workforce.

iQuit_webIn the past year, due to popular demand, we have introduced more extensive LinkedIn training, a wider variety of webinar offerings, and increased networking opportunities and information sharing through social media.
Today, we are proud to announce the official launch of CareerJoy’s first (but not last!) app available on Android and iOS markets!

[Introducing… iQuit by CareerJoy.]

Let’s be honest for a minute. Who wants to deal head-on with quitting their job when transition time looms? Whether in-person with a traditional resignation letter or via email, the awkwardness of a professional “break up” has never been easy – until now. In a world where technology reigns in almost every industry (Amazon is delivering books by drone; you can swipe left or right on a potential suitor with popular dating apps), CareerJoy noticed a major opportunity in the workplace.
With iQuit, we give you control of how and when you would like to break the news to your employer.
iQuit will…

—> Walk you step by step through our process, asking detailed questions in order to formulate a best-practice based strategy
—> Populate a customizable template for your resignation letter
—> Allow you to schedule a resignation email in advance to send on the time and date of your choosing, so you don’t lose your nerve
—> Premium options include:
– Additional database contacts: helpful if you plan on sending an email to multiple individuals (or an entire office)
– Hand written note in an envelope full of glitter, delivered directly to your boss
– Customized social media messages to share the news with your network
– Email templates to former colleagues; auto-responder ideas for old email addresses
– Photoshopped images of yourself looking happy (ex. on a beach) for social media use

In addition to assisting you through transitioning out of your current place of employment, CareerJoy can also support you in your job search so that you can land a new role faster and with less stress.

Download this innovative app today! >

Quitting. Made better.
Along the road with you!
P.S. Need more support than one app can provide? The Career Transition Program is a 1-1 customizable program that assists with the strategic planning for your next best career move and landing that new role. For more details, please contact our Client Services Manager, Brittany Knapp, atbrittany.knapp@careerjoy.com or 1-877-256-2569 x 4.
P.P.S. Don’t forget to RSVP for CareerJoy’s next CareerClass webinar: Career Confusion? Ask Alan – Find Clarity & Take Control, on Wednesday April 6th from12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET. Click to register -> https://www.careerjoy.com/news-and-events/events