Interview Advice from Frances Cole Jones

What is the difference between doing poorly and doing great in a job interview? Hint (it is not how well you know your profession) how do you create a message that makes a positive lasting impression with the hiring manager? This week’s podcast, is with Frances Cole Jones, she has been featured on Oprah and is a leading media-training consultant helping clients to communicate more effectively in crisis situations.

Doing well in a job interview is a skill all professionals can learn and improve upon. Frances advice has much in common with a book by Cyrus Copeland called “Farewell, Godspeed: The Greatest Eulogies of Our Time”. Morbid I know, but both authors share some terrific examples of powerful communication concepts. Great interviews in many ways have similar attributes to delivering a great eulogy, you have a limited time to share your message. You also want to leave a positive lasting impression (even if a eulogy carries a far more emotional message). Cyrus shared an important tip; finish memorably. An example is what James Wood shared while eulogizing Bette Davis “fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy eternity.”

This week, what can you do to improve your communication skills?

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Seat-belt fastened, along the road with you!


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