Insiders Edition | Do you have CareerJoy? Lessons from Sidney Crosby…

This is what CareerJoy looks like, this picture embodies the essence of a person who has found their “place” in this world. This picture was on the front page of The Globe & Mail.  It is not about the money he makes, nor the fame or the accolades. It is about being in a work situation, where he could be his very best. A new client reached out to us this past week & stated, “My career is joyless, I would like to enjoy what I do & where I work. The name & credibility of your company, was why I called you guys

What does CareerJoy mean & how does this work “practically?” The name consists of two words. It is both a statement & a commitment. 


Career – The track that chariots ran on (hence the root word car). In the early 1800s, the word evolved to describe the “course” of a working life. (etymology.com)


Joy – The source of pleasure or happiness.” (etymology.com)


The essence of our company & the commitment of our team, is rooted in the philosophy & practicality of these 2 words. To be in the right career & to help find a place that maximizes your engagement, brings you some element of pleasure & supports your lifestyle. This is why we do what we do.


Do you have CareerJoy? 


Sidney Crosby certainly does, Millions of people are inspired by his “CareerJoy.” Like normal people, he doesn’t enjoy every day nor the painful elements, such as concussions. By paying attention to his talents & surrounding himself with great coaches & hard work, he pursues his work diligently. Everyone benefits, including Sidney.


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CareerJoy, along the road with you!




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