If Fish can Fly, Then What Can You…| The Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Thanksgiving,

I hope you have had a terrific weekend. I really am blessed with the kind of work that I do with my clients & team, but I still enjoy a long weekend with family & friends. There truly is so much to be thankful for.


Last year our team became involved with the reality show on the O Network – The Million Dollar Neighbourhood. We are fortunate to be involved again this year. Part of my team spent a day with some of the good people of Bowmanville, helping families in the community to reach their career potential. 


I ended up working with three families, one on one, helping them explore and talk about their goals & aspirations. While getting prepared to shoot one of the segments, I had a one hour window, just enough time to get in a 10k run. My run took me along a trail that follows the Bowmanville creek. 


As I was running, I came upon this:


Fish can fly.


This time of the year, the salmon run the Bowmanville creek. Fish literally jump between 2-5 feet, to get above the dam & travel the rest of the creek. I have heard about this, but haven ever seen fish do this before. I was amazed at the strength and the willingness of the salmon to jump again & again in their attempt to move upstream.


After my run, I spoke with these three families. I shared with them the “Fish can fly” principle. When a species has such a strong will for change, they perform incredible feats to ensure a better future. When a person or family decides they really really want to make a change, they are swimming upstream as a way to deal with family support, stress, financial challenges & confidence issues.

Research shows that about 10% of people will choose to fly. As I spoke with these families I could tell that some were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals. There were things they hadn’t thought were possible, but were willing to do to move their situation forward.

If fish really can fly, you really can change careers, go back to school, take on that newleadership role or achieve that life goal you have always wanted.


It’s up to you. 


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Running upstream, along the road with you! 




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