[FLR] Humour

Happy Friday,


To be fair, that seems like a strong statement.


Is it truly a “happy” Friday?


As a leader, amidst the news & all the very real challenges that are true & present, it’s hard to see the “Happy” on Friday.


Happy & relieved that it’s Friday may be more how you are feeling.


Well, we introduced for our morning team check-in call a #FridayFunny. I invited our team to share something that was humorous.


According to the Mayo Clinic, There are multiple benefits to humour.

  • Stimulates organs
  • Activates and relieves stress responses
  • Improves your immune system
  • Improves your mood
  • Increases personal satisfaction


Did you hear about the person that lost their left arm?  

They’re all right now 

Oh, and, that’s all that’s left with them…


Here’s my challenge to you today: can you lighten the mood around your team?


Share your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn using the hashtag #FridayFunny.


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Along the road with you!





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