[HRMB] How can HR destroy the ‘silo mentality’? | HR. Made better.

As an HR professional, you’re probably investing a bunch of your time helping to deal with “silo mentality”, which can negatively impact productivity, employee morale and culture. It’s one thing to deal with external competition and disruptive technologies, it’s even more challenging to deal with internal competition for resources and “silos are often a result of that.  


How to break silos and work together

The first thing you should do is identify and explain to your team is the “why” behind the need to transform. Once it becomes clear to the members of your organization that it was about them and how they going to benefit from it you will get buy in. The “why” is the starting point to your team become more willing to share their knowledge for a greater good. 


The ultimate goal for each of us is “to be a master of one” and still be flexible enough to be a “jack-of-all-trades.” It’s more apparent now that professionals are multi-functional. “You can hardly point out who is IT, Finance or HR.” But when it comes to making the workforce future-ready, all team members need to share the responsibility.


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