How well do you know the ABC's of managing your career. Career Literacy is the must know skill for 2012

One of my key learnings in 2011 came from a conversation that I had with marketing guru, author and speaker Terry O’Reilly. He has a terrific radio show on CBC, The Age of Persuasion. This quote from his book really struck a chord with me:

“My job as a marketer, is to coax my clients into investing in their own authenticity. Your job as a consumer is to become literate about marketing and discern the sheep from the goats.”

How literate are you as a consumer? ‘Literacy’ comes from the Latin root of literature, ‘lit.” “one who knows the letters” and ‘eratus,’ “educated, learned”. Your are literate if you learned how to use letters, to persuade and communicate in the real world. Why do some well-educated professionals do well while others struggle? It comes down to the principle of “Career literacy.”

I am sure you became highly literate in finance, marketing, IT or law from your training at post-secondary institutions.  But how career-literate are you? How well do you know the ABC’s of managing your career? How are you at doing a job search or writing your resume, understanding your strengths and weakneses or leadership style? What about your social media skills such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? How “learned” are you about these things?

The higher your career-literacy, the higher your chances of achieving your professional potential and reaching your desired goals. Where do we learn how to manage our career in an increasingly competitive world? It’s mainly learned through osmosis. As our friends at the TTC say, “There is a better way.”

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Why? So you can discern the sheep from the goats, be empowered and get promoted. It’s that simple and that complex…

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Raising career literacy, along the road with you!  


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