How to recover from CLM's & get your career back on the right path.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your career? How well have you recovered from it? What are the lessons you have learned? This week’s podcast is with Craig Silverman, journalist and author of Regret the Error.

I looked up the origin of the word error. This originates from the French word, errer. This means “go astray, lose one’s way, make a mistake” I really like the term, lose ones way, through the doorway of error, we can find our way back and get on the right path. We all make small mistakes, and then there are ones with greater consequences, such as choosing the wrong role, or a misunderstanding with your boss. These could have a much greater impact on your professional life. Craig shared “You will make mistakes in your career, it is important to understand the root cause. Your recovery from them is the key.” In our interview, Craig shared some really great advice to help you with the “recovery” phase.

This week remember to err is human, to admit and learn from it, is strength. 

Continue the conversation on my blog; What is the biggest mistake you have made? How did it help you? 

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To err is human, along the road with you!


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