[MMM] How to not, crash & burn at your next interview or hiring event. The Monday Morning Motivator

While flying back from our Calgary office with the good people of WestJet, I observed the crew gathering behind the check-in counter. I noticed that the Captain & crew members, were introducing themselves. I was curious.

 Captain Jason proceeded to go through a printed preflight checklist with his crew. He discussed the weather (it just seems plain unfair to go from +5 & sunny to freezing rain & snow in Ontario), wind speed, what to type of landings to anticipate, and some recent incidents on flights. The information shared, seemed to be what you would assume the crew would already know. This reminded me of my own training to become a private pilot. 

Checklists are routine, boring & mostly commons sense. The National Transportation Safety Board discovered over a 2 year period, 3 major airline accidents were directly related to the crew’s misuse of a checklist. Why do we use them? When we stop & follow a list of specific instructions, it reduces the risks flying.


Do you have a checklist when you are interviewing a candidate, onboarding a new hire or going for a job interview? According to research, without out a checklist, you have about the same rate of hiring success as flipping a coin (head’s, he’s hired). 

Checklists are now being applied in many professions. One of my good friends works in surgery, you hear true stories of wrong arms, eyes & legs being operated on. In a year long study of 8 hospitals by the Harvard School of Public Heath, by introducing a simple (that being a key word) checklist, major complications were lowered by 33% & deaths by 40%. If a surgical checklist was rolled out through North America’s hospitals, the anticipated savings would be, $25 billion per year. North York General Hospital has introduced this practice in their operations (remember that the next time you need surgery…). 


Yes, you are busy. Yes, you know how to interview, but who wants to crash & burn (pun intended) with hiring practices. Don’t bother having a check list. It’s boring, mostly common sense & you already know the routine. Or, maybe not.

Next time you are getting on that flight, be thankful your pilot follows best practices. Even if she is taking you back from palm trees and sun & sand.


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Check, along the road with you!  




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