How to Make Sure You Give the Right Information in an Interview

Brad Chartrand plays for the Los Angeles Kings. He has
been playing hockey for a number of years (except, of
course, for last season!) Brad and 700 other players
had an extended summer holiday.

A number of players went overseas; however, Brad and
his wife decided to move back to Saratoga Springs,
N.Y. To stay in shape, he decided to start playing pick
up hockey with some of the guys in town. Not knowing
anyone, he called the local conveynor of the league to
ask if there was any space on the team. The
conversation went something like this:

Brad: “Hi my name is Brad, is there any space on your

Convenor: “Nope”

Brad: “Can I be put on a back-up list?”

Convenor: “No such thing.”

Brad: “You should start a list, in case someone can’t
make it.”

Convenor: “OK, I’ll start list. What is your name and
number, and, oh, what level of hockey did you play last

Brad: “I played NHL last year.”

Convenor: (LONG pause) “Bulls@#$!”

Brad: “Look it up.”

Convenor: (VERY long pause) “Gee, it’s amazing, we
just had a spot open up on our team. You start
Wednesday at 9:00!”

Lesson learned: when you are in an interview situation,
never take for granted what you know, and who you
know. The person interviewing you doesn’t know as
much about you as you think. Get the important
details and differentiations out early. You may get a
spot on the team!

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