How To Get Your Career Swing Back..By Tiger Woods.

Tiger woods

Tiger Woods is the #1 recognized professional athlete in the world, but lately he’s been struggling. For the past year he’s worked with golf swing coach Hank Haney. I’m always amazed that even the best of professionals need a coach. These people are at the top of their game and yet, when they struggle, they still benefit from expert objective advice.

A few weeks ago, Tiger Woods got his swing back. Before the Japanese tournament, Tiger Woods hit two shots where everything that he and Hank had been working on came together. Those two shots were critical for him to push through his problems and win the tournament. Tiger had proven to himself, and the world, that he was back on track.

Tiger’s coach said he was “just trying to help Tiger’s game.” In 2005, if you’re struggling in your career, let CareerJoy help you get your swing back. You never know where this journey could lead you, especially if you are willing to evolve and allow others to assist you.