How to get what you want from your career ( no riots involved…)

I had a riot this past week – literally I was caught in the midst of what happened last week after the hockey game.  I was in our Vancouver office meeting with our team & speaking at a conference and enjoying a couple of hockey games. Here is the before & after (aka the “riot” part of my week). There are two ways to get things in life, one is to work smart and diligently & the other route well,  it is to look for the easy way to get things you want (like some of the looters did this past week). What is the difference in the actions and  attitudes between the two types of people? This week’s podcast is with Lyman MacInnis author of How to Succeed in Anything by Really Trying. I have to say, this was one of my all time favorite book titles. I found out about this book through a reference from one of my clients (thanks Jim). 

Lyman has been a senior partner for over 30 years with an international accounting firm and works with a number of highly successful professionals. He has written his book based upon his observations about those who get breakthrough success while others struggle (hint, it isn’t about the economy). The more I digested the title of his book, the more this book’s title impacted me. As I thought about times when I have been successful personally or professionally, it was the difference between trying and really trying. I hear from many people, “I tried”. The real difference between those that achieve their goals and those that don’t those that achieve their goals really try!


Are you trying to get better at what you do? Really try

Are you trying to look for a new job? Really try

Are you trying to get promoted? Really try

Are you trying to change careers? Really try

Are you trying to find work-life balance? Really try

Are you trying to be a good boss? Really try


As Lyman shared “Whatever you do, do it really well”


You and I both know the difference…This week, really try!  Continue the conversation on my blog; What is your advice on getting what you really want?     


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Really trying, along the road with you!


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