How to find the right career blend

I was driving by a gas station today and noticed gas at
a “bargain” price of 99 cents per litre. As could be
expected, there was a line up. In the midst of the
chaos, I saw one of the gas station attendants
changing the price on the sign outside (up of

With oil heading to $70 a barrel, Gallop recently
released the results of a new poll:

48% of people have cut back significantly on their

54% have reduced spending on other household items
as a result of increased fuel costs; and

62% were seriously considering buying a hybrid car.

What is a hybrid? It is a blend of complimentary
technologies – gas and electric working together. You
do not have to plug your car in every 100 miles to keep
going – you can drive from Toronto to Toledo, while
getting great mileage, AND a whole lot less
hydrocarbons. It is a great compromise. Hybrid cars
are even becoming more reasonably priced – nowadays,
you pay a 10% premium rather than 50%. They are a
practical solution to a number of problems.

Career management has similar issues. You need to
look for the right blend. It is often why a person will
not take any action, as they are looking for a purist
(i.e. electric motor) response; “I am currently a
director, and I want to write for a living”
. Well, the
risks and the cost of buying into that kind of career
move are high, so, you return to the “gasoline” option;
“I will become a VP at a company, taking a lateral
role that incorporates more of a writing function”
or, “I will work with a publisher or media organization
that is in the business of communication”

You could consider working in a voluntary capacity in
the area that you are passionate about, while staying
on your same career track. You can also build
relationships in the sector you are interested in, and
test out if the new role is something that you really
would be a good fit for. These are examples of “hybrid”
solutions to your career quandary – achievable, lower
risk blends that will maximize the number of benefits.

Next time you are filling up, or are frustrated in your
career situation, think “hybrid”. Are you looking for
help to build your hybrid? Visit us on the web at www.careerjoy.com.