How to find a career in the nonprofit sector- Maggie Leithead President of Charity Village

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Do you know that over there are over 2 million people working in the nonprofit sector in Canada? Are you considering exploring a career in this sector? In last week’s poll, 91% would consider a role in the nonprofit sector. This weeks podcast is from our recent Career Development Webinar – Careers in the non-profit. Our panelists were Veronica Utton, Director, Human Resources with UNICEF Canada, Michelle Baldwin Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network and Maggie Leithead President & CEO of CharityVillage Canada’s leading career website for the nonprofit sector. Our panel did an excellent job sharing their career advice on ways to transfer your skills and background to this growing sector.

Many professionals are looking for a place where they can be true to their values. There is a lot of workplace dissatisfaction, as a result of having to be one person at home, and a different person at work. Michelle shared “In the nonprofit sector, I have found a way to integrate my personal and professional values. I can be true to who I am in my workplace.”

This week, what do you need to do within your workplace to be true to who you are?

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Balancing People, Profit and Purpose. What U2 & Southwest Airlines have in common. Margaret Benefiel PH.D did research with over 1000 organizations, including U2 & Southwest Airlines to determine how they were able to build great companies with people not at the expense of people. Frank Faulk CBC radio producer, he has spent over 20 years in the broadcast business with CBC radio. He shares is own journey within the workplace to find an organization and role that fits.
Both panelists are going share their practical wisdom on how to find the balance between engagement, economics and purpose.

This week’s poll ; What does the leadership in your company value most?

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