How to dream again

Did you once have a dream to go to medical school, run a marathon, start up your own business or become a CEO? Wherever you are in the journey of that goal, today’s guests may shed some light on achieving a new and better outcome.

This week’s podcast is with Herman and Candy Zapp. They are a remarkably normal couple who have spent 3 years and 9 months of their lives driving 43,000 miles from Buenos Aries, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in a 1928 Graham-Paige Model 610 touring car with the top speed of 60 kmph. They have written a best selling book about their journey called "Spark Your Dream" and have been featured by CNN, The Globe & Mail and many other news outlets. Their story grips us as they had the courage and the action to do what many people secretly desire – to do something bigger than themselves.

Herman and Candy had a dream – a dream to see the world. You may be thinking, "That’s nice for them, but the only dreams I have are at night. I don’t have the time, money, education, I am too old, too young, I don’t have experience, I don’t have support, etc". How do you pursue your dream while balancing the reality of living in the real world where employers want output and Loblaws wants money for your groceries? This couple shares some simple principles that you can apply to any dream or goal in your life. Their story should help you to figure out how to start.

Herman and Candy are normal people just like you and I. They met each other when they were 14 years old and had a dream. "One day let’s go to Alaska – all the way to the Arctic Ocean". 10 years later they got married. Herman started his job as an electrician and Candy as a secretary. They followed the traditional plan – good jobs, a car, a house and the normal rhythm of life took over. "We started to postpone our dream, however, there was something missing inside of us." They came to terms with the fact that they needed to pursue this goal to travel and made the decision to travel around North America by backpack.

One day Herman was encouraged to come to visit a friend and see his car. It was love at first sight, much like when he first saw Candy. Herman and Candy had no real special skills and not a lot of support. They didn’t have 1 year of salary in the bank and now they owned a brand new 1928 vehicle with no driver’s manual nor a UAP supplier near by and no trained crew to follow them on their journey. They had all the right excuses not to pursue their dream. Herman recalls, "We had many things we didn’t know." Starting in the year 2000, with some gumption and a good map, they quit their jobs, filled up their gas tank and sputtered along. They traveled from the Andes, to the desert in Chile, to the Amazon, Central America, Cuba, Mexico, United States through Canada to Alaska. Along the way Herman and Candy have stayed with over 800 families along their journey and have met thousands of people along the way who were curious about the car, the journey and their story.

I asked them about their observations on why most people do not pursue their dreams.

Three key reasons:

  1. Fear – "People have all kinds of excuses, but most often it is hiding their fear".
  2. Momentum – "You have careers, mortgages, bills and friends. It takes energy and action to move forward".
  3. Faith – "Many people lack faith in themselves and in others".

They shared these 4 ideas with many of the people that they met along the way who were curious and ready to move forward with their lives:

  1. Rediscover what you have always wanted to do. Take yourself out for coffee and dust off the old journals to revisit the passions of your heart.
  2. Find the right vehicle. In Herman’s case, their car became the right vehicle to get them to their goal. For you it may be taking a course, buying a bike or starting to learn about investments.
  3. Ask for help. We learn to read and ride a bike with the help of others. Who can help you with your dream?
  4. Get started. You may not have it all figured out, but any dream starts with the first step. Once one starts, most people ask themselves, "Why did I wait so long?"

You may be thinking, "That’s great now that they are back in Argentina on the Freedom 55 plan", but not so fast. Within 30 miles of reaching their goal in Alaska, Candy started to cry. "I didn’t want to end this journey, however, we realized it was the end of this dream and the opportunity to start a new one." They are now embarking on a new four year journey, visiting 21 countries in Southeast Asia.

Herman’s closing thoughts: "You have only one chance for this beautiful life. Take risks and pursue your dream. You may not feel ready, but the world is ready."

Take your dream out of the barn, dust it off and be open to finding the right vehicle that will help you get to where you want to go. Like Herman and Candy, as you pursue your dream, you will be surprised who will come along for the ride. The majority of good people will stand on your side of the road and cheer you on.

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Along the very long and interesting road with you!


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