How to deal with the micro-managing boss…

Do you ever find yourself asking the question, “Am I the only sane one working here?” This week’s podcast is with Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D author of the book (surprise) Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Bernstein is a psychologist, best selling author, and leading expert in workplace conflict resolution. This book came about after years of research working with organizations and individual clients. It was particularly spurred on by the conversations between Albert and his daughter upon her graduation and the start of her professional life. She was profoundly confused about how her peers and bosses responded within the work environment.

What makes for a healthy work environment? It is the exact same principles that make for healthy relationships. Consider how much time you spend at your office. Unlike the relationships we have with the majority of the other people in our lives, we don’t choose most of the relationships that we spend most of our best time and best energy with. Let’s not make this any more complicated than we need to. Companies are a community of people working together on the same issues. Professionals are simply educated human beings with responsibilities, nice clothes, and fancy titles. How you and I behave, fundamentally has nothing really to do with our education, income nor title. How we act is grounded by our emotional makeup. If we are healthy emotionally, we will respond to others around us in a mature, responsible, and rational manner. If your boss is not treating you with respect or is acting irrationally, their behaviour says much more about them than it does about you.

So what about that boss or peer who is creating a tremendous amount of stress in your life? How does one manage this without getting caught up in workplace drama? Albert responded, “Crazy situations at work, like all other human behaviors, follow predictable patterns. If you understand the patterns, you can make choices about whether to follow them. The choices you make can keep you sane.” Albert offered 4 ways to help with office insanity:

  1. Stop and think first before reacting.
  2. Analyze don’t judge the person’s behavior.
  3. Choose your own response.
  4. Keep good records just in case.

Albert shared, “when dealing with a micro-managing boss or peer, the most important thing to keep your sanity is to stop and think. It is best to analyze before you judge; this will give you the information that will help you, or at the very least keep you sane. This week observe how much of your work is great, good, and bad. Remember finding the right balance will take time.

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Sane, along the road with you!


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