How To Be Prepared When Opportunity Knocks

This past week I listened to Charlie Rose interview Anthony Hopkins. If you have never watched Charlie Rose, I would strongly encourage you to do so (you will find him on the PBS network). In my humble opinion, he is the best at bringing out a person’s story.

I was fascinated to learn about Anthony Hopkins’ career journey. Did you know that he started his career on the stage, and then moved to film? Anthony discussed the key factor of his success as an actor – memorizing the script. He said it was only when he knew his lines, that he could fully enter into character.

The night before they started filming Nixon, Anthony Hopkins was nervous as "heck". He wasn’t sure if he “got” Nixon. However, he had spent months learning and refining the script. He said; "The moment Oliver Stone started to film, it all clicked."

I see this with clients as soon as they find a script (message) that they think accurately reflects who they are and their story. The more comfortable you are with the message, the more you can enter into the conversation. Contrast that to a film with terrible acting – you can tell the actor is not in character and is not convincing. You might say the film deserves to go straight to DVD!

Someone like Anthony Hopkins will leave a legacy of work that is authentic and excellent — giving us stories in which we are able to enter into a different time and space. Find a way of expressing what you have done, what you bring, and what you have to offer. Understand the context of the company; learn as much as you can about their products, staff, and competitors. Know it cold, then relax and enjoy the show.

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