How Men & Women Differ in Reaching Their Career Potential | Monday Morning Motivator


What role does confidence play in your career and your life? How do you build up your confidence when you are struggling? How do you get the results that you want? 


This week’s podcast is with Tim Pychyl Ph.D author of The Procrastinators Digest and graduate chair of Psychology at Carleton University. He shares some very practical advice and strategies on how to help you manage your emotions more effectively, and raise your confidence level.


An interesting study by Europe’s Institute of Leadership showed that 50% of women managers admitted feelings of self-doubt as compared to 31% of men. An interesting impact of this lower level of confidence meant that 14% of women would apply for a promotion where they didn’t meet all the job-description criteria as compared to 20% of men. Confidence is key in reaching your career potential.


How can you raise your confidence? Tim now devotes his attention to understanding why and how we can sabotage our best intentions. Tim shared, “It’s a game in our lives to manage our confidence. It is in little wins that we gain confidence” I call this the Confidence Compound Interest Principle. Example: when building a resume , consider breaking up the task into bite size pieces rather than attempting to complete your resume in one shot. This breaks down a bigger goal into more achievable and realistic deliverables. Like saving money, more investors become wealthy through compound interest (little actions) than any other way.


Start small. Start now. Confidence always shows with smart action. Don’t wait for it.


This week’s 60 Second WORKout – Identify one project you are struggling with, and take 3 small actions to help move it forward.


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Confidently, along the road with you!



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