How does one get paid to be truly themselves at work? David Choe shows us it is possible

Last week, Facebook set a price range of $28 to $35 (U.S.) for its initial public offering of stock. Mark Zuckerberg will be selling 71.1 million of his 533.8 million shares. The co-founders stake is worth $17.6 billion, making him richer than Microsoft Corp.’s Steve Ballmer. Not a bad deal for 10 years work — $1.7 billion a year in salary. Ever wonder why people want to chase the American dream? Here we have a perfect example.

Many people are getting rich in this deal, including San Jose graffiti artist David Choe. He opted to take shares instead of cash for work he did for Facebook, back in 2004. That decision to trade $60,000 for shares is worth $250 million today. Yes, you did read that right!


What work did David get paid to do? He painted a mural in Facebook’s original offices. I watched a documentary about David. When asked what was most important about his work, he shared the best definition of CareerJoy “I get paid to be who I am“. 


Question: Do you get paid to be who you are at work?


Many people get paid, but most are NOT who they really are at work.


And there are some people who are who they are, but are underpaid.


David has defined the true definition of a career success. Find the right role that engages you, with the kind of salary that supports your desired lifestyle. This is the ‘sweet spot’ we are all aiming for – the intersection where your passions, values, talents, lifestyle and ecosystem meet; or, like Canadian author Rohinton Mistry’s book title, it’s a “A Fine Balance“.


Is it possible?




Is it easy? 


That depends. Depends on what?


It depends on your willingness to explore the question and find the answers. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help our clients along the journey to this goal. 


If you are looking to dive deeper on this idea of finding your “sweet spot”. Listen my podcast with Joanna Track founder of SweetSpot.ca 


Next week I will share why I think we struggle with this and what we can do…  


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Getting paid to be who I am, along the road with you! 



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