How do you manage complexity in your work? Lessons from 2010 TEDGlobal Fellow Eric Berlow

Happy family day. Wow, there is a lot going on in the world right now, we have riots in many countries occurring at the same time. These are complex and unpredictable times, when you wake up in the morning, about the only thing you can predict is the unknown. Does complexity in your work stress you out, or even paralyze you? This week’s podcast is with Ecologist and TEDGlobal Fellow Eric Berlow, we discussed how to effectively manage your career in these unpredictable times.

People are complex, the world of work is complex, it is no wonder that finding the right situation is a challenge when bringing these two together. I recently heard Eric speak at TED conference and could think of no-one better to address this idea of managing in an increasingly complex and competitive world. Whether you are running a project, growing a business or in a serious relationship, managing in this type of environment is fundamental to your success. Eric defined a complex system defined by 3 key attributes. 


1. There is multiple elements.

2. It is nonlinear.

3. It is adaptive.


So how do we best manage ourselves in a world like ours today? Eric shares “We want to simplify things to understand them. The world is complex, we have a tendancy to either dumb down, or to make decisions complicated. Today we must get the big picture, be open to a variety of perspectives, be adaptive and look for nonlinear solutions” Work like a family, is a complex organism with multiple demands and needs, this is what makes it both beautiful and challenging at the same time.


What are your thoughts? Join the conversation, share your wisdom below. 


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Simplifying ideas, along the road with you!




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