How do you dress for an interview?

Or, I might have called this article, "Dress for Success". Whether it is doing really well in an interview or getting promoted in your current situation, dress, presentations and packaging matter! Ah, you say, that is not fair and correct you are, but as Malcolm Gladwell described in his book Blink, this ability is known as "listening with your eyes". Most of the decisions of whether you are going to get hired or even promoted are NOT related to what comes out of your mouth, but how you dress, your body language, posture, mannerisms and even your height. (A majority of fortune 500 CEO’s are 6′ or taller). A majority of professionals really don’t believe this. If that was the case, they would invest more in this area.

This weeks Podcast www.careerjoy.com/podcast is with Catherine Bell. She is the author of "Managing Your Image Potential: Creating Good Impressions in Business". I would call her Canada’s Image coach. I would really encourage you to listen to this as she shares some really great practical advice.

According to Catherine, there are 5 common mistakes and 5 key things you can do to make sure your image is in alignment with your message and the role you are targeting.

The 5 common mistakes are:

Shoes not polished. Shoes give people a number of clues – attention to detail and your economic situation.

Garments not ironed. A creased shirt or blouse becomes a barrier to communication and it causes an immediate distraction.

Bad hair day. We have all been there!

Wearing fragrance. A great way to create distraction during an interview is to wear fragrance, especially in an enclosed space.

Body language distractions. Avoid twisting your ring or clicking your pen, and refrain from incessantly jiggling your leg.

5 keys to a successful image:

Wear a tailored jacket. Tailored clothing will always create more presence and power (even for woman).

Make sure clothing fits impeccably. When you are comfortable, it shows!

Choose your colors carefully. Color communicates power, dependability and openness.

Animate your voice. When you are nervous, the muscles in your throat tighten.

Respect, responsibility and reliability. Arrive early and be aware of how you interact with reception.

We all agree you cannot work on your height, however, you can pay attention to these small things. The reality is we do judge a book by it’s cover. Speaking of books, many of you have asked over time when I would be writing a book. Well, it will be in fine bookstores/online and you can order it now.

To enter the draw for a signed copy of my book, send me an email with your image story (funny or serious) to Alan@CareerJoy.com.