Hot to trade in your paperclips ….for a house…

Would you like to get a role that is better suited for you? How would you like to negotiate a raise? Maybe you would like to move to a different project within your firm. Maybe you would love to throw all of your paperclips out of your office window and do something that you really enjoy. This week’s podcast is with Kyle MacDonald, holder of the world record for the most successful Internet trade. Starting with 1 red paper clip in Montreal in July 2005, he made 14 trades and ended up with a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan by July 2006. Professionals that understand the principles of trading have a much greater chance of getting what they want and where they want to go in their career and their personal life. 

Kyle was living in Montreal and looking for a good job. Why was he looking for a job? Because, he wanted to buy a house. “I was procrastinating with my job search when I thought of the game I used to play when I was a kid ‘bigger & better’ where you go around your neighborhood and trade for stuff. Whoever came back at the end of the game with a bigger and better object won.” This got him thinking. Instead of looking for a job to save up for his house, why couldn’t he trade up using his mouse? “I had been thinking about this for months, but I thought would it work and how? Finally I just decided to try it.” He looked on his desk for something to start his first trade with and he saw one red paper clip. He posted on Craigslist for someone to trade with him. Within a couple of days, he traded for a fish pen. His story got some momentum through blogs and the media. On one particular day, he had 100,000 people come to his website. He went on the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos and numerous media stories were written about his journey. Every trade that Kyle made got him one step closer to his goal. Exactly one year later, he ended up with his house. He wrote a book about his experience, and he shares his story in keynotes across the country. 

Here are 7 simple ideas that Kyle shared in our conversation that he used to achieve his goal.
1. Everything has value – What is your red paper clip? Don’t discount your education, experience or skills.
2. Get going – Kyle started looking for ways to trade what he had.
3. Trade with people you like and trust – Kyle discovered that it was much easier and much more rewarding to work with others that he respected.
4. Get a fair trade – Make sure that everyone wins in the deal.
5. Use your own strategy – Others have since tried the same idea without the same success. What worked for Kyle, worked for Kyle. Be original!
6. Trading up takes time – It took Kyle 1 year to get what he wanted. Great outcomes take time and they build on previous results.
7. Look for the best, not the perfect solution – When you accept the best answer, it increases the level of satisfaction and reduces the stress in your life.

I pondered why Kyle’s story had such a great impact on people. One reason, we all desire improvements in some area of our life and all of us can start small. Another reason, it seems like he beat the system, however, he just figured out how to use the system differently. Finally, he ended up with a house. 

Maybe you desire a bigger goal than Kyle such as becoming a CEO or starting your own business. Maybe you desire to trade up through simplifying your life. Kyle’s words of wisdom: “There is no simple absolute path, and that is what is good about it. I created the ultimate win – win and I had a good time along the way.” looking for ways to trade for a better career situation? Join our free weekly 1 hour webinar – Find the Right Career Right Now.You may need help with your resume and job search. Invest in yourself and take back control over your career and your life. Book an initial consultation with me. It will be well worth the trade.

Trading, along the road with you!