Helping your child figure out careers

My son Aidan was expressing at supper that he was not sure what career he was to choose. Well we took care of that right away and had him meet the student career specialist on our team….NOT…he is 9 years old! I told him to focus on being a kid and we can focus on this when he is ready.

When is the right time to focus on a career? How is it that some people at age 7 know their direction and others wrestle with this question at age 37? Well, I have found the secret ingredient to this key question in life. It is Wannado City, based in Sunrise, Florida. On this 140,000 square foot location you sample the working world real time. There are more than 100 jobs, you are paid in Wongas, the city’s currency and your salary is determined by your role – from Architect to X-Ray technician you get to dress up in the role and "work". You can work at the "CNN" studio or the Plantation General Hospital and you are known as a "kidizen". Each child gets to spend 20-30 minutes in the activities of the role. They are onto something in so many ways. Most of us learned about careers around the dinner table and we were influenced by our family’s professions and bias. That is not a bad thing, however, unless we get a larger perspective such as Wannado, we don’t get to see or experience the big picture.

One of the best ways to discover if you are interested and well suited for a particular career is to experience it. Wannado City is offering this type of experience by offering multiple mini co-op work terms. One of our clients was strongly considering a career in the medical area. She spent a term doing co-op work at a hospital and quickly knew this wasn’t the area that she wanted to pursue. A combination of knowing who you are and taking some time to explore a wide range of options before choosing a path is very important.

Do you have a person in your life who is struggling with this kind of decision? We have created a program called the Student Career Identity Program. We will help them figure out what they "Wannado" and you won’t have to go to Florida to figure it out!