Happy Birthday Canada

This week on July 1st, is Canada’s annual birthday celebration. When you think Tim Horton’s, Hockey Night in Canada, the weather and Tommy Douglas what is the first word that comes to mind? I would guess for most of you this would be “Canada”, eh! These are some of the many distinctive elements that make up the unique national identity of Canada. This week’s podcast is with Roy MacGregor, one of Canada’s most gifted story- tellers, author and Globe & Mail columnist. Roy says “Why is identity so important? A separate national identity is key when you live so closely to a large influential country like the United Sates, much like a teenager expressing their uniqueness and independence from their family. We even speak differently in our little world”. Countries and professionals that are successful in the competitive global marketplace have a number of things in common – they have a clear and distinctive identity, they have something to offer that the market needs, and they are proud of who they are.

What makes you unique? Why, in a very competitive market, would I hire you? How would an employer know about you? Canada has a name, a birthday, and distinguishing characteristics that are unlike any other country in the world. You too have a name, a birthday and are unlike anyone else in this world. This week,invest some time discovering your uniqueness.

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