Great Careers Happen By Design!

“Great Careers Happen By Design”. This slogan came to me after I saw an ad in a design magazine that said “Great houses happen by design”. I happen to know this first hand after my wife and I worked with a very well known architect, Richard Limmert, whose work we admired.

Limmert developed a new community with houses that were based on a Amish design–simple but beautiful. My wife and I had recently purchased a piece of land and interviewed Richard along with a few other architects. It was clear that Richard was the best fit for us and over a period of four months, we brought him our ideas, clippings from magazines and our own drawings. Our window scheme came while we were having lunch one day and noticed the unique design of windows on a church across the street. We took this inspiration to Richard as another element for him to incorporate. By going back and forth with multiple meetings, he produced a design that met our needs. Six months later we moved into our house and from day one it felt like home.

During this experience I learned a lot about the process of getting what you want. Without Richard’s talent, experience and wisdom, we would not have been able to produce the house we were to live in for 9 years. He encouraged us and was the catalyst and guide for this project.

The same principle applies to careers–what is your career blueprint? Very few professionals have one. It is true that good careers can happen without a blueprint, but rarely great ones. The blueprint is the element that brings clarity and inspiration. I remember how dog- earred our blueprints were after we finished building. Yes, hard work and energy were involved, but the end result was a masterpiece. Our life work could and will benefit from similar vision.

along the road with you…