Gary Noesner – Lead hostage negotiator for FBI – How to be a better negotiator.

Let’s just say on the way into work this morning, you get a call. “We have a little situation here in Libya. One of our workers has been kidnapped, seems like please and thank you are not in order. They want money and lots of it. If we don’t respond quickly, this is not going to be good.” Kinda makes that meeting with your boss seem a little less stressful. This week’s podcast is with Gary Noesner, he was Chief Hostage Negotiator for the FBI & the author of Stalling for Time. During his career he was involved in numerous crisis incidents: prison riots, right-wing militia standoffs, religious zealot sieges, terrorist embassy takeovers, aircraft hijackings and over 120 overseas kidnapping cases. Gary shared “People seem very curious about my job.“

Whether you want a raise a better project, or to get someone to unload the dishwasher, this all comes down to your  negotiation skills. Negotiation originates from the Latin “negotiatus” which means “to carry on business.” In research of 15 countries, English-speaking Canadians use the least aggressive persuasive tactics. French-speaking Canadians fell into the middle of the pack with countries such as, France & Germany. The Harvard negotiation project showed successful outcomes were related to separating people from the problem. 


Gary shared “Good negotiation is about managing yourself, your emotions and not trying to bully the other party. You need to be someone who is adaptable and actively listen to what issues are truly important to the other party. One other reminder is to be patient, good things often come to those that wait, hence the name of my book.”  


What are your thoughts about negotiation? Join the conversation, share your wisdom below.


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