Gail Vaz-Oxzlade from Till Debt Do U$ Part- Balancing your career, stress & your career

How is your stress level been over this holiday season? Have the parking gods been kind to you? TYLENOL announced the results from this year’s Canadian Holiday Pain survey. This poll focused on what creates the greatest amount of stress for Canadians at this time of year. 

Survey says;


1. Finding a parking spot. (35%)

2. Managing a budget/finances. (25%)

3. Holiday shopping. (22%)


Tis the season to be a TYLENOL shareholder, especially considering all the snow, 53% of Canadians take TYLENOL for back pain from shoveling. This week’s podcast is with Gail Vaz-Oxlade best-selling author, and host of the popular TV show Till Debt Do U$ Part & Princess. I have been a guest expert on both of Gail’s shows, she is both direct and extremely wise (a rare combo.)Gail is one of Canada’s leading experts on money and the role it plays our health, relationships and career choices.


Gail shared “a majority of people work for money” This is contrasted with Ipsos-Reid poll in which money was ranked fourth in what gave professionals career satisfaction. We all need money (& not just for presents) so how do you find the right balance between financing your lifestyle and choosing a career path? Gail empowers people with three simple elements. A smart game plan, a clear set of goals and seek out objective and expert support. Managing your money successfully and your career successfully, require the same 3 principles.


This week’s workout – Relax and yes, do smell the coffee! 


Continue the conversation on my blog; What are your thoughts on how to balance your lifestyle needs with your career?


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