[FLR] Will artificial intelligence make you a better leader?

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I remember the moment artificial intelligence (AI) first truly came to my attention. Two years ago, I was flying home from Kuwait via London and picked up a European magazine on business and strategy. The issue’s theme as all about AI and for me, this issue truly opened my eyes to the influence that artificial intelligence has on our world.


One article that struck me suggested that in the next few years more positions on corporate boards will be held by AI. In fact, there is currently a company in Hong Kong which uses an algorithm to help make decisions about whether to invest in certain companies. That algorithm is given a vote just like any other member of the board. So although it doesn’t make decisions for the board, it does have some weight in the decision making process.


You may not be ready to purchase an algorithm for your board, but AI does teach us leaders about the importance of a truly objective perspective and data-based decision making in key corporate decisions.


Start learning fast, artificial intelligence will affect every industry, whether it’s clothing or shipping.“- Paul Oyer, Stanford Graduate School of Business


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