[FLR] Why are there so few female leaders?

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Today we celebrate International Woman’s Day.


According to research by Dr. Alice Eagly, women by nature possess a higher ratio of leadership qualities in empathy, listening, thinking outside the box, motivating others, developing followers and in ethics. 


All politics aside, we see this in the current political climate where a majority of the population when polled have a higher level of trust for the former Attorney General than for the Prime Minister. 


That said, there is much progress yet to be made to truly make this a level playing field for woman leaders. As a father of both an emerging young woman leader in the technology sector and a young man in the aviation sector, a level playing field is something I am advocating for the sake of them and for the sake of a better work place for the next generation.


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“We have to keep challenging both women and men to examine their unconscious biases about who can be an effective leader.” – Anne Litwin


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