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Happy Friday,

Every four years, The FIFA World cup captures the imagination of soccer fans worldwide.

This year for the first time in 36 years, Canada unexpectantly qualified for the FIFA tournament in a surprising win over Jamaica in Panama.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to get The Canadian soccer team into the world cup tournament.

One unseen part of the village for the Canadian team is a group called The Voyageurs. They are a group of avid Canadian soccer fans that travel throughout Canada & the world cheering for both Men & women’s soccer teams as they compete.

This group, founded by Reza Khalili & Martin Rose, was an effort to generate more awareness & support for Canadian soccer teams when playing at home.

They chose the name Voyageur – it reflects both the resilience & tenacity of early fur traders in establishing routes and unifying as both a French & English word.

These “Super Canucks” have quietly & not so quietly garnered support for soccer in Canada & the incredible athletes. They have done this with practical elements such as sending Christmas cards to national players traveling worldwide to cheer on our national teams, including Panama in March to cheer on Canada as they qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

Leaders have all the characteristics of The Voyageurs, risk-taking, tenacity, skill, & the championing of their team.

Particularly the championing part.

Even champions need cheering.

In fact, it’s vital.

Whom are you cheering for at work & life?

Who’s cheering for you?

along the road with you.


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