[FLR] What leaders get wrong about mental health

Happy Friday,


This month is Mental Health Month. For anyone who has experienced mental health challenges either personally or through a friend, colleague, or family member, then you understand the complexity & challenge around mental wellness. Wellness may start at home but is deeply impacted by where we spend the majority of our daytime hours–working.


Coming out of the pandemic we should be encouraged to find that leaders have a better understanding of mental wellness than they did before. According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, “85% of C-level and HR leaders believe mental health is not just about mental illness, but something every employee has.”



However the same study found that 54% of leaders didn’t believe employees needed to have access to mental health benefits.


In our work with leaders, we have a long way to go to developing culture that supports wellness.


We’re curious, what’s something that you feel you need to implement into your daily work life to improve your mental health? Share your thoughts with us here!


Along the road with you!