[FLR] What Apple Teaches In Its Ultra-Secretive Training | Friday Leadership Report

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Like many of us, I grew up on Sesame Street. Jim Henson and his team created a creative, interesting and memorable way for us to learn our “ABCs.” 


Next week is National Learn @ Work Week. According to the Conference Board of Canada only 31% of employees receive formalized workplace training. Watson Wyatt Worldwide discovered in their research, that companies that took training seriously, have on average a 30% higher shareholder return than their peers. Investing in people is just plain good business.


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TED | Training the Brains of Psychopaths: Daniel Reisel 


“No one has ever asked us why we should invest in our people. 
Our leaders just assume it’s the right thing to do.” 
Prasad Setty, VP of People Analytics & Compensation Google

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