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Happy Friday,


What a sad yet beautiful day it was yesterday. As I drove into the office, I heard the news that Queen Elizabeth was gravely ill and her family had been called to her side.


Elizabeth Alexandra Mary died at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning Monarch in the Commonwealth. The second-longest reigning sovereign Monarch in world history.


Prince Charlie will become the King of The United Kingdom.


In many ways, it was never meant to be the kind of life she has lived. She was not a direct descendant of the throne. Through a well-known set of circumstances & the untimely death of King Edward, her father, she ascended to the throne at the age of 25.


She approached her role as Queen with a sense of duty & kindness.


I find it amazing that two days before her passing, she accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson & investing The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP as the new Prime Minister of England


She fulfilled her duty as Queen of the Commonwealth in the last week before leaving this earth.


The word duty originates from the Latin ‘debuts” in which one is bound by a natural, moral or legal obligation to do or perform.


There was a kindness to Queen Elizabeth, interesting her Grandfather on her Mother’s side Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, had a large number of estates and had a reputation for being unusually kind to his tenants.


His contemporaries described Lord Lyon as an unpretentious man, often seen working his land wearing an old macintosh tied with a piece of twine.


Kindness was in her blood.




The word kindness originates from Old English, cynde – meaning native innate, compassionate, loving, tender & intentionally doing good to others.


There are average leaders, good leaders & great leaders.


Great leaders have that unusual mix of elements & my observation of the vital attribute that makes for greatness in leadership is kindness.


Queen Elizabeth embodied all we admire & desire in a great leader.


Over the next few weeks, many words will describe her legacy.


I will hold onto duty & kindness & celebrate a life well lived.


along, the road with you.




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