FLR | Training – Invest In Yourself

Happy Friday!


I for one, am really excited about the snow. Why you may ask? I am looking forward to returning to skiing after 15+ yrs of snowboarding.


Last year I bought new boots & the gentleman from Sporting Life did an excellent job guiding me on the right brand and fit. He had just spent 2 days getting trained with a boot specialist that they brought in from Europe. As he shared the training he received, you could sense what he personally got from this. Not only was there an expertise that I benefited from as he guided me towards a great fit, but also I could tell it was energizing & confidence building that his firm would invest in him.


I knew that he knew & more importantly, he knew that he knew about the right solution for me.



Interesting stats from IEEE on the return of training


33% increase in employee retention
56% of HR Managers saw training as an essential developmental tool
25% increase in confidence
38% of knowledge gains
60% reduction in errors
55% reduction in training times


IEEE, 92% of CEO’s saw a business impact of training on their employees. Companies that invested $1500 or more per employee saw on average a 24% increase in profitability. Smart training provides learning, behaviour application & business impact.





Along the road with you!




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