[FLR] Tom Brokaw on How to Talk to Anyone

June 17, 2016 | The “Relate” Edition


Happy Friday!


One of the key lessons I learned early in business was the importance to be able to connect with a wide variety of people. See, I’m like you. I have a tendency to connect with those that I relate easily to.


That we are not all the same is actually great news. I realized that the broader and more diverse the network of people in my life, the greater my ability to connect, relate, and have impact as a leader.


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It is with great pleasure that I am announcing that CareerJoy was named by the Canadian HR Reporter readers as best in the business as part of the 2016 Readers Choice awards! The winners were announced this week.


It is a huge honour for myself & my team to be recognized in this way. We appreciate entrusting us with assisting to make work better for Canadians.


We all do better when we all do better.” – Paul Wellstone


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