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Happy Friday!
Think different
This was a very famous ad campaign from Apple. At the time Microsoft & IBM owned 95% of the desktop computer market.
It was really saying why to follow the crowd & be one of the risk takers, the originals, the adventurous.
The compelling offer was to stand apart from the crowd. This campaign ran from 1997 – 2002 and was created in response to IBM’s campaign slogan “think”
If ever there was a time to think different.
It was then.
Those that invested in Apple technology & systems were playing the long game (I know I had my first apple desktop in 1994) The machines were robust, quality and offered a much more user centric approach to technology.
Which kind of leader will you be?
The IBM or Apple in your organization.
If ever there was a time to think different.
It is now.

Along the road with you!

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