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Happy Friday,


As most of you know, TikTok is all the rage – it has taken over the position that was once held by Facebook & Twitter as a barometer of cultural trends, from music, fashion, design & sharing changing trends in life.


I occasionally scan TikTok to see what new trends are emerging.


This week, you probably have seen the term “Quiet Quitting” in many work articles. The term emerged from a video on TikTok – if you search the word on google, you will see over 264,000 references to it.


The term quiet quitting is not abruptly leaving a job but starting to do the minimum amount of possible work while keeping your position.


It’s an old idea reframed – Presenteeism.


Quiet quitting is the most significant impact on organizational performance. It’s losing your team by the death of a thousand minutes in lost engagement & productivity.


It’s showing up – just enough to keep the lights on.


It’s reflected in emails ignored, ideas barely thought about, and internal projects continually delayed & employees turning down promotions.


According to research by Gallup, 51% of employees are not fully engaged. Everyone loses & the economic impact on Canadian employers is $45- 50 Billion – yes, you read the right – billion dollars in lost productivity.


What’s the solution for employers?


It’s straightforward.


You need to help your team to become better leaders.


Leadership is the only thing that matters -it’s the root of all your challenges & all of your opportunities.


We need a new “trending” theme.


Quiet Leadership.


People who show up with their best self, helping their teams & themselves to become all they can be & make work a better place to be.


along, the road with you.




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