[FLR] The Heart and Soul of Compassionate Management | Friday Leadership Report

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Working with someone who is indifferent is incredibly frustrating. When I looked up the synonym of compassion it was indifference. This is why Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn was recently ranked 12th by Glassdoor as one of the top 50 most well liked CEO’s, with an astounding approval rating of 93%.
He cares. He is a compassionate leader who realizes he’s not leading resources, but real human beings with minds, hearts & souls.
Earlier this year, Weiner spoke at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco, where he explained that his “first principle of leadership” is what he calls “compassionate management.” It’s the simple-to-learn but difficult-to-master idea of using empathy to yield efficiency. He has obviously mastered the concept because feedback from his team about his leadership style is outstanding:
“Clear vision and mission, reinforced by CEO Jeff Weiner at bi-weekly all-hands meetings.” – LinkedIn Marketing Manager (San Francisco, CA)
“I love this company and approve our CEO 100%. CEO responded to my email in 5 minutes.” – LinkedIn Software Engineer (Mountain View, CA)
“True leadership at the top who live and breathe the culture, values, and mission of the company.” – LinkedIn Director (Mountain View, CA)
Who wouldn’t desire that kind of positive feedback from their team?
What kind of a leader are you?
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Leading, along the road with you!
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