FLR | Taking Over Leadership During a Crisis?

Happy Friday,


One thing we have noticed over this season is the amount of leadership shifting that is occurring. A number of our clients are changing the roles of leaders and/or moving new leaders into new roles as they observe how some of their leaders have performed during the crisis.


You may be leading a new group or you may be a leader who is supporting leaders in new groups. This is a complex time to be stepping into new situations.


This week, I am sharing some articles that you may find helpful in these times.






Along the road with you!




P.S. Our mission has always been to take a more human approach to helping our clients through transitions. We’re honoured that HR professionals have chosen us again as the top provider of outplacement solutions and leadership development in the HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards.


P.P.S. We’re here to walk with you through your organization’s challenges and successes during this period of transition. Reach out to Jason Parks, VP of Business Development at jason.parks@careerjoy.com or 1-877-256-2569 ext 600 to chat about how you can support your team.