[FLR] Successful VC Says Intuition is Everything for a Leader

March 31, 2017 | The “Gut” Edition

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The value of intuition is often misunderstand or devalued as a leader. Think about the best decisions you have made. How many of them have been driven by a “sense” you have?


One thing to consider is how to nurture this aspect and to understand when it is “speaking.” As a leader, it is foundational to understand how to gather the right kind of data for decision making and yet balance this with your gut instincts.


Forbes | A Successful VC And Founder Says Intuition Is Everything for a Leader


Inc. | Why Your Own Intuition is the Most Powerful Leadership Force You Have


Seth Godin | The Intuition vs. Analysis Conundrum

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TED | Learned Intuition: Patrick Schwerdtfeger at TEDxSacramentoSalon


CJ | Three Important Questions To Ask About Your Next Opportunity


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