FLR | Structure Your Schedule For Success | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


This past long weekend is usually the time the Ottawa Marathon would be on, alas another lockdown impact.


There is a saying you can eat an elephant and a bite of time, you can also run a marathon 10 mins at a time.


That was one of the great lessons I learned. I trained with Running Room, their model is to run for 10 mins & walk for 1 minute.


I learned by taking a modern strategy, you could finish a Marathon in better shape and at a faster time.


Leading projects is like that, The Pomodoro Technique is about being focused for 25 mins & then taking a 5 min break. This was created in by Francesco Cirillo a university student, in the mid-’80s.


Francesco like John Stanton the founder of the Running Room both found new approaches to projects.


How can you help your team with projects – think “inside” the box this week.


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Along The Road With You!


Alan Kearns


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