FLR | Six Ways Leaders Can Improve Communication & Clarity | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


This week was full of CCR


No, not the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, but “Celebrate, Connect, Reflect.”


These are the themes this year for National Public Service Week. Every year the leadership of the Public Sector puts on a week of events & workshops for their over 350,000 employees. This is to recognize and share the work that has been accomplished and thank them for their service.


This week our Public Service partners have:


  • Celebrated alongside us through recognizing their accomplishments.
  • Connected with each other through the free leadership development sessions we hosted.
  • Reflected together on how to grow their [LQ] Leadership Intelligence in the Public Sector.


As part of our partnership with the public sector, we put on a number of [LQ] workshops on topics which will be available for your viewing next week.


Celebrating our Public Servants isn’t limited to one week of the year. Daily, Public Servant partners work to lead and manage their teams & careers with clarity, integrity and courage: the integral values of Leadership of Self.


“I still feel the best music is made by musicians playing off each other.” -John Fogerty


Canada is infused with this principle of public servants, working collaboratively together to make the best Canada.


Thank you, Public Service, for all you do for Canadians and for demonstrating [LQ] Leadership Intelligence.


Along the road with you!







Coaches’ Corner | June 21st, 12pm EDT

At this session you will:
  • share ideas so you can get real-time development
  • meet like-minded professionals and grow your network
  • to gain knowledge that can immediately impact your career
  • and further your knowledge of the post-pandemic landscape.

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P.S: Looking to get started with developing your team’s foundational leadership skills? Reach out to amanda.lockhart@careerjoy.com or learn more about “[LQ] 101: Leadership Starts with You” and our other leadership development workshops.


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