[FLR] Remote Work Burnout – 3 Tips to Help Leaders

Happy Friday,


One thing I have noticed is the impact of working remotely on myself due to the sense of less connectivity with my team.


We are talking, zooming (yes, this is now a word), emailing, & texting.


Yet, it’s not the same.


There’s a new phenomenon happening;


Remote work burnout.


I don’t think I am feeling that – but there are elements of this I feel when my tank isn’t quite as full as it was when I was in the office with my team.


This week, I am enclosing some thoughts to help you think differently & help fill your “tank”


3 tips on resiliency to help you avoid remote-work burnout | Fast Company


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The Restorative Power of Ritual | Harvard Business Review


How to make stress your friend | Ted


Along the road with you!




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