FLR | Pfizer CEO: What We Learned From Our Interns This Summer

Happy Friday!


For many this week was the end of their summer internship. As we finish off the summer season – yes, say this three times – interns will be finishing their time with their firms


On our team, we have really enjoyed working with Benjamin (to be fair – he is staying with us for the fall term too)


Working with Benjamin has been an absolute delight (btw – This is not permission to recruit him…)


What we have found really great is the ability for a person to join our team virtually & jump in with both feet to immerse himself in our culture, the work we do & our team.



Internships are often under appreciated. As an employer – keep internships in mind as you explore ways to add capacity to your team & look for ways to contribute to new professionals as they seek to build a fulfilling career.





Along the road with you!




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P.P.S. We’re here to walk with you through your organization’s challenges and successes during this period of transition. Reach out to Jason Parks, VP of Business Development at jason.parks@careerjoy.com or 1-877-256-2569 ext 600 to chat about how you can support your team.